Sunday, November 17, 2013

Great resources

There are some really great resources that I have found over the past few months. I really want you to know about them.

Trusting God by Jerry Bridges. If you've never heard about this book, then I'd be surprised. I feel like it is a must read for everyone. God is trustworthy in everything and I have been so comforted by studying God's sovereignty, wisdom and love.

"Sorrow, Suffering, and the Sovereignty of God" by Rick Holland from Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong.  A short article, again on God's sovereignty, but focusing on how we handle our trials and asking ourselves: What do I know? What do I think? What do I believe?

"The Believer's Right Response to Difficulty" sermon on Lamentations 3 by Rick Holland.  He says at one point, "Complaining is the most serious of all spiritual threats because complaining puts yourself on the throne of God and says, 'I expect and deserve better than what you have dealt me in my life, God.'"

"Trusting God with Infertility and Miscarriage" lesson by Lisa Martin. I listened to this after my first miscarriage, and then again after my second. It is a great perspective for you if you know of someone dealing with this or are that person dealing with it.

"Heart of Hospitality" radio series by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  I'm still listening through these, but they are great on learning what hospitality is and is not.

"Unmet Expectations" series by Lisa Hughes.  This is a great series on unmet expectations, which we all have! I really love that you can print off the notes, which have a section for you to do extra study in your own personal time in the Word. I've been incredibly thankful for this.

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Audrina said...

Trusting God is one of my all time faves.