Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Orthodontic Residency - In Review

Two days ago it really struck me: there are only 3 months left of Orthodontic Residency. That is only 16 weeks. Where did the last 2 years go?

Moving to St. Louis wasn't the easiest transition. It was hot and humid that summer and I had to look for a job. Two things I don't love. Though thankful for the job I found, I didn't enjoy it and we had gone "backwards" in life. We were in school again, working within a tight budget. We didn't know our way around this giant city and had met very few people. Hubs was adjusting to being a student again, and jumping through all the hoops and doing all the tedious work that comes along with that. We tried not to think about the large sums of money we were paying for him to be doing paperwork and thought about the end investment. We often wondered why we moved, but deep down knew it had been the right things to do.

A year into residency, and things were getting better. It was still hot and humid, and I still don't love that. But, my job was much better - a new position was created just for me with more responsibility, we had adjusted to the new lifestyle and we weren't pulling out the Garmin every time we needed to go somewhere. Hubs was enjoying resident-life more, and although it still took up a big chunk of his time, we still found the time to have fun. We had met some great friends and a were starting in a new small group. We had found our place here.

Two years into residency, and major hurdles have passed. Hubs passed his board exam with a great score. His thesis is halfway done with experimentation dates planned. I have a new job and we have made even deeper friendships. Driving 30 minutes to get somewhere doesn't seem as crazy as it once did. We have come to love the many conveniences of a large city and Hubs even received a huge scholarship to help us out financially. The past months have consisted of conversation after conversation about our future, each conversation getting more specific and closer to the end. We are to the point of making major, most likely permanent decisions. I take more trips to Forest Park, soaking in my favorite part in St. Louis. I plan more time with friends, treasuring the friendships we have.

There is no more school after this. We have neared the end and it is a little scary for me. The theme of our marriage has always been trusting in the Lord and leaning on each other, and this is no different. In one more year, our life will look completely different and that brings with it a mixture of excitement and trepidation. So, I rest in the Lord during these days. I constantly pray and read His word about His sovereignty, wisdom and love. And the goal of our life hasn't changed. No matter what the future holds and where we go, our desire is to love God more, love others more and love each other more.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see where you go next! Life is an adventure!
Mrs Y.