Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Photo - Smoothies & Milk

New thing. Friday Photo. I'm going to try to take a random photo each Friday and post. Maybe I'll be more committed that way.

This week's photo is of my favorite breakfast these days :: protein smoothie. I am working out with P90X again and their nutrition schedule as well. I really liked my results last time (2009) and I needed to get back into a good routine. I will admit, that without Hubs doing it along side of me, I am not nearly as strict, but I still get in a solid workout about 4-5 days a week. And I've allowed myself 1 cheat day per week on the nutrition plan. I am once again surprised at how satisfied I feel following their guidelines. 

Usually, I just make my own smoothies without a recipe, but since I was using their nutrition plan, I followed their recipe (with my minor adjustments) and it is so, so good.

1 cup skim milk*
1/2 banana
1/2 c frozen raspberries** (any berry will work, but raspberries are my fave)
1 scoop protein powder***

*I started out only using coconut milk. Dairy gives me some stomach issues, so I try to cut back on it. It was very good. Then, I decided to use 1/2 coconut milk and 1/2 Kalona super natural organic whole milk (grass-fed cows, pasteurized at a low temp, non-homogenized). The Kalona milk is so, so good and easier for my body to digest (still not 100% comfortable). I use 1/2 of both milks because the whole milk is $3.99/half-gallon and it is super fattening, so I limit my consumption.

** They actually call for non-frozen berries and then add ice to the smoothy. Using frozen berries makes the smoothie smoother and doesn't water the flavor down but still makes it cold. 

***I ran out of vanilla protein powder but have a TON of chocolate. So, I've been putting a scoop of chocolate in and can't even taste much of a difference.

I'm also super happy with how fast this protein shake is to make, the consistency is very drinkable, and the amount it makes is perfect. Unfortunately, it uses up my allotted amount of fruit each day, so I don't drink one every morning. 

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