Saturday, June 9, 2012

St. Louis Site: Missouri Botanical Gardens Climatron

In search of a free activity for Hubs and I, the Missouri Botanical Gardens are free to St. Louis City & County residents on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. So, we went on a Saturday morning date. We were both sportin' the sperry's.

Neither of us had ever been to a botanical garden before, but I had searched the web for info and knew it was quite large. We planned to only spend an hour or two there, so we chose to start in the Climatron which is an indoor rainforest.

We were not disappointed. There were so many plants we had never seen before. And it was complete with waterfalls and geckos.

We saw all sorts of fruit & spice plants: banana, cacao, pineapple, coffee, all-spice, turmeric, ginger & more.

We were amazed at the amount of different plants and the variety. What a Creator! Some of the plant life was familiar from our hikes in Hawai'i, but most of it was brand new. I would love to visit the rainforest someday!

Of course we took our standard arm's length pic where I realize its time to pull out the whitening trays.

The Climatron was so much fun that we continued our venture to the Japanese Garden. But we'll save those details for the next post!

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Courtney Gill said...

Those are gorgeous plants! They remind me of that movie with the blue people... the one with a green, earth mother-ish philosophy. It starts with an A, I think? Anyway, looks like fun!!