Saturday, March 24, 2012


I realize I haven't updated anyone on our lives in quite a while. So, if you don't communicate regularly with me, you could think that all I do is look back at old pictures and blog very irregularly.

I have been working a lot. That, and maintaining our home to the bare minimum, takes up most of my time. I am trying very hard to stay within our budget and so menu planning and strategic shopping are key. I am also running again and training for a 10k in June. After moving here, working out became non-existent and I will admit to weighing more than ever in my entire life. Doing this 10k with a friend is helping me get back into the habits that I need to have.

Hubs and I are going to a small group each week from our church. Both our church and small group meet quite a ways away from us, but it is worth it to be with fellow believers. We both are very happy with our home. A year ago, we really had no idea where our house was located in means of convenience to school/work/shopping/etc. We live in a quiet little neighborhood of very friendly faces and are close to downtown St Louis as well as the suburbs. God was directing our lives last year at this time and looking back we can give Him the praise for where we are now.

Hubs is busy at school seeing patients, studying for classes, preparing for presentations and readying his research. He gets a few breaks this year, which we are thankful for, but we both count down the months until it is all over. I have leaned on Hubs more than ever in the past 9 months and he has proved to be the godly man and leader that I knew he was. More than once he has directed my wayward mind back to Christ and the scriptures. And I have no doubts he will have to continue to do so.

We are adjusting to our new life, which looks like a mixture of our Kansas life with our Nebraska life. We have all the demands of full-time school and work mixed with the leisurely life we had come to love. I still know that we both want to be more involved in our church and we want to be able to entertain people in our home more, but we both also know that other factors come to play right now restricting us at times to do all that we want.

If you ever pray for us or think of us, thank you. We are amazed at all that has happened in the past 6 years and have no clue what is in store for the next. And I'm very thankful that people continue to read this haphazard blog of mine!


Tressa said...

God is so good isn't He? We praise God for you guys :)

Courtney said...

I enjoyed this update! It's great to see the big picture of your lives!

jnet said...

Thank you for the update heather . Still think of you guys often, love to catch up, even if it is in blog form

Shanle's said...

I do check in on your blog, Heather. I just don't always find the time to reply... You have grown a lot over the last 6 years (whether you know it or not). I'm glad y'all can relate to a lot of stuff we've gone through. God is good! And HE will continue to see you through!