Thursday, November 3, 2011

Five Random Questions

I have some random questions on my mind, and who better to pose them to than the people that read my blog? Plus, I have a feeling I have lost a majority of my readership from my tumultuous October that kept me from even desiring to blog about anything. Hopefully I can find out if anyone is still reading...

1. Which version of the Bible do you regularly read: New King James (NKJ), New American Standard (NAS) or English Standard (ESV)? I’m asking because I’ve always used the NKJ and bought an ESV Bible last year and am wishing I would have bought the NAS. The only NAS Bible I have is on my kindle.

2. If you travel out of town for all the holidays and don’t have any kids, do you still decorate your own house? I will, but I feel like we need to have a party or something since nobody will see them except for Hubs and me.

3. How do you plug-in Christmas lights outside? I want to put lights on the blue spruce in our yard, but have no clue how to power them. Obviously, I’ve never done this before. Do you just use an extension cord?

4. What is the passage or verse in the Bible that is on your mind right now? Isaiah 26:3-4 “You will keep Him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for in YAH, the Lord, is everlasting strength.” Ever since a friend shared this verse years ago, I continually come back to it.

5. If you took a vacation over Christmas, which of the following would you choose: a big city with the Christmas hustle bustle; a snowy ski destination in the Rocky Mountains; a warm beach in Hawai’i; or, you would never vacation over Christmas. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to vacation every year over Christmas, but it would be a fun twist to the holidays especially since we don’t have children – I would want it to be with our family though. However, when the kids come along, I think we will stay put most of the time.


C said...

disclaimer: I'm answering to prove I read your blog & not because my answers are very interesting.
1. NAS (updated) because I like how closely it translates from original greek plus I've done most of my memorizing in it.
2. yes, but I've lived in a dorm/small apartment the last 5 yrs, so do I count?
3. My dad used to put a star on the roof, but funny I never paid attention to how that worked.
4. Psalm 46. Because I often feel like there's a lot of chaos around me and I need the perspective of how God has everything completely under control.
5. I don't want to ever vacation over Christmas unless it means traveling to be with family. Preferrably somewhere with "Christmasy" weather.

Kelly said...

1. ESV because our last two churches have used this version
2. Yes, we've always decorated our apartment even though we would stay with our parents during the holidays. We usually have a small Christmas together before driving down too
3. Never decorated outside, but my parents always used extension cords (the outdoors kind)
4. "For I know the plans I have for you..." Jer 29:11 - we have no idea where we'll be come next June
5.Skiing the Rocky Mountains - I've always wanted a family skiing Christmas, although that will probably need to wait until kids are older and I'm not a huge round ball

Shanle's said...

I still check in on you! :) Can't answer your Q's now but maybe later this week. Just wanted you to know that I like your blog. Keep blogging away...

Laura said...

1. NKJV. I once heard that NKJ is the best translation and since I can't handle the NKJ-th, this is where I landed. And I like all the commentary in mine.
2. Well unless you travel the whole month of December and half of January, you should put up and enjoy your decorations.
3. I use a timer on my porch so they just come on at dusk. Yes I think extension cord. But I thought some LED lights don't have to be plugged in. Maybe that was just my blonde moment for today?
4. ditto. Love that verse! :)
5. No Christmas vacationing. I love being home, near family, and enjoying Nebraska weather. And airline tickets and gas that time of year is killer.
Love reading your blog Heather!!

Thad Bergmeier said...

I just switched to ESV