Friday, October 7, 2011

It's not my fault (the blame game that has continue since the garden)

In the news today...

A woman killed her husband. Eleven gun shots while he was shaving. She was acquitted by a jury of mostly women on the defense that she has "battered-woman syndrome." Her husband was abusive for years, which gave her a disease, which is why she killed.

So much to say.

Two wrongs never make a right.

Killing is never acceptable. Finding a safe place is acceptable. Using legal methods to find safety in an abusive relationship is acceptable. Murder is not.

This is an example of how we seek to blame someone or something for our sinful actions (in this case a "disease"). When the responsibility is ours.

If we continue in this manner, people will literally be able to "get away with murder" because it will never be their fault. Oh wait, this happens all the time in a process we term "abortion."

Food for thought.