Monday, August 29, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

The weekend consists of 63 precious hours, from 5pm on Friday to 8am on Monday. This weekend I used every single one of those hours. I had two options regarding my weekend plans and although I wanted to do both options, I am very happy with how my weekend turned out.

It was family time vs. friend time.
 It was less driving vs. lots of driving.
And it was Dr. Albert Mohler vs. Dr. Doug Bookman. [Both of whom have been two of the most influential Bible teachers in my life.]

    Friday night sunset

I ended up seeing family and friends, seeing/hearing Dr. Bookman, and spending lots of quality time in my car. To simplify, this was my weekend:

17 hours of driving
8 hours in Kansas City
27 hours with friends
1 hour at Longview Lake
10 hours at home

    Saturday morning sunrise

The normal weekend cleaning still needs to be done and the fridge and cupboards are bare, but it was a refreshing time with people so dear to me and I'm so glad I did it.

    A spotted fawn and its mother. I also saw an armadillo and turkeys. 

Sometimes traveling back to visit can be awkward and sad, but not so. God has been so good to bless me with great friends who love Him and encourage me to do so. I had a relaxing time enjoying their friendship, just hanging out, and celebrating the new and coming babies.

    Sunday night sunset

 Of course, I missed my boys back at home. I got a picture text from them on Sunday...

    "Good morning, Mom. I miss you. See you tonight. Dad is the best."

No matter how much I would love to be sharing my day-to-day with these girls, I would much rather be with Hubs and the Pups. I'm back home and I'm ready to continue building relationships here and looking forward to more great relationships.


Audrey said...

I so understand that feeling!! The sacrificing the day to day with dear ones to be with your dearest one!!

Mama on the Run said...

It was great to see you (quickly) on Sunday! Glad you were able to stop by and enjoy sweet fellowship with friends.
- Amy

Courtney said...

It was so good to see you! I'm glad you made the trip. If/when Richard sees those car sunset/sunrise pictures, are you going to be in trouble? I get in trouble when Josh sees I've taken pics while driving...

joan said...

WoW sounds like a very fulfilling weekend! Happy to hear you enjoyed and returned safely. Ransom speaks, isn't that wonderful. : )

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is in trouble...